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Corporate Connections

A Corporate Health Retreat has been designed as a productive and enjoyable opportunity for project management and human resource purposes. Palm Bay will work with your company around your desired outcome and purpose to ensure your company goals are aligned with the schedule Well-organised corporate retreats are both enjoyable and productive. Palm Bay Resort specialises in organising corporate retreats with a health and wellbeing focus and will work strategically with your human resource team to ensure your desired outcome or project objective is achieved.

To help us tailor your next rewarding Corporate Connections Retreat please contact our specialised retreat team


A Corporate Connection Retreat can achieve

  • Team Building
  • Reward / Celebration
  • Leadership Development
  • Initiating Corporate Culture Change
  • Launching a corporate wellness program
  • Boost employee creativity and problem-solving ability
  • A rewarding and relaxing executive retreat

Advertising Benefits

You can also choose to advertise your retreat to a wider audience through our website and marketing channels. If you choose to, your retreat will feature on our website for registrants to access via immediate link to your contact details, maximizing your reach to larger external markets.

To host your next retreat please contact us for full pricing and information.


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